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Martin Fromm: Former Pastor & Director of Beth Yeshua Who Is Now Home With Messiah Jesus
Martin Fromm: Former Pastor & Director of Beth Yeshua Who Is Now Home With Messiah Jesus

Martin Fromm was a Jewish believer who came to faith over 40 years ago. Since that time served the Lord by teaching home bible studies and speaking at churches in the tri-state area to foster  understanding about reaching the Jewish people with the gospel. For over thirty years he was involved with The American Messianic Mission (Beth Yeshua), a Hebrew-Christian Congregation that is both a local congregation for the worship of Israel’s Messiah, Jesus, as well as an evangelical outreach.

Martin was educated and bar mitzvah’d by an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi. At the time he came to faith, he and his wife were maintaining a kosher home, and the thought of Jesus being the promised messiah was the furthest thing from his mind. Up to that point he had never heard about Jesus from a biblical perspective. His only knowledge was that non-Jewish people called him a Christ-killer, and he was subjected to rampant anti-Semitism. He grew up in an area of the Bronx where the local churches preached against the Jewish people. This resulted in his being persecuted to the extent that life was intolerable. He harbored resentment and bitterness towards gentiles while holding the name of Jesus in contempt. Martin was regularly attacked by belligerent and hostile anti-Semites as he walked to his synagogue to attend classes and worship services. There were times that he was knifed, tied up and dragged through the streets, pelted with stones and even impaled upon a fence.

When kindly Christians first shared the love of the Jew, he was understandably suspicious and untrusting. He set out to prove the fallacy to the teaching that Jesus fulfilled the prophetic picture of Israel’s Messiah. The more he studied, the more he came under conviction. Yet, his predeliction not to trust gentiles remained a major obstacle. Even harder was groping with the dreaded notion that the man Jesus, in whose name he suffered such violence, could be his Savior.

After yielding to Jesus, Martin had come to love the name he formerly hated, and had a passion to bring the good news to both Jew and gentile. He authored two books, the first “For Unto Us a Son is Given”, being a powerful witness to Jesus’ messiahship using only the Hebrew scriptures to prove his case. Subsequently, Martin wrote “A Journey Into Faith”, subtitled “The Schlepp From Moses To Jesus”, which is an auto-biographical account of the trauma experienced in making his decision to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior

Our beloved Brother Marty was called home from us to his
eternal place with his Messiah,  Jesus,  in November  2015,
and is very much missed by all who knew him!