Hebrew-Christian vs Messianic?

Hebrew-Christian vs Messianic?  What is the difference?

In recent years,  the term “Messianic” has come to be associated with congregations that
focus on Torah study,  implementing the Law of Moses and display all all the elements
and garments of Orthodox Judaism  That Is NOT Who Beth Yeshua Is!

For 2000 years,  the “church” made it uncomfortable for Jews to investigate the Messiahship of
Yeshua (Jesus) by removing all vestiges of Judism from their buildings,  appearance and dialog.
Messianic Synagogues do the same thing in reverse,  making it uncomfortable for Gentiles to come
and learn about the Jewish Jesus – Messiah!

Ephesian 2:14 says, “For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the
middle wall of partition between us”!  In Messiah,  Jew and Gentile become one people – Believers!

Beth Yeshya – “Tree of Life Fellowship” is a congregation of Jews and Non-Jews who love
Yeshua (Jesus),  the God of Israel,  the Jewish people and also Gentiles.  Jesus fulfilled the
Law,  and freed us from it’s bondage,  and we do not bring ourselves back into that bondage.

Our mission is to share the Gospel of the Jewish Messiah,  from a Jewish perspective,  so that both Jew
and Gentile can comprehend without offense,  come to faith,  and partake in the final,  once
and for all atonement offered to us as a free gift,  for all who will receive it.

Pastor Ron