About Us

Beth Yeshua is an independent
Hebrew- Christian Outreach

Sharing The Good News About Messiah Jesus
With Jews & Gentiles In The Community

Based on Long Island, Beth Yeshua stands on the Word of God, and under the grace of God.
Its mission is to bring the Gospel to the Jew and to the Gentile. Since 1971 Beth Yeshua has
been teaching the harmony between the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures and the
New Testament. In addition to the teaching, tract distribution and seminars, we are a
New Testament Fellowship where both Jew and Gentile worship together.
The foundation for this teaching and worship is grounded in Yeshua (Jesus)
having fulfilled the scriptures as the promised Messiah of Israel.

Beth Yeshua, our  fellowship and congregation, provides an informal,
cozy atmosphere devoid of church symbols, and ritualism which may
be uncomfortable for some.

We are a congregation of Jewish and Gentile believers who come together
for weekly worship and fellowship Our non-Jewish brothers and sisters enrich
their relationship in the Lord by learning about the Jewish roots of their faith.
We are not concerned about external trappings or legalism, but believe
great benefit is derived through a better understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures
(Old Testament) and prophetic fulfillment.

Stephanie Jacobs,  Arthur Kaufmann,  Genaro Mirto,   Dave Hauser,  Pastor Ron Cusano