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A Legacy

Marty Fromm

Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant
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 Beth Yeshua has loving put together this little book to remind the family how precious and dear Marty has and will continue to be.  He will remain in our hearts always.

Faithful – God Fearing – Friend – Brother – Teacher – Evangelist
Warm – Loving – Loyal – Trustworthy – Inspirational

 These are words that instantly came into my mind when I thought of Martin Fromm.

God certainly works and uses people in the most interesting ways.  Back probably around 1990, good and dear Catholic friends of mine met a salesman working in Florida’s Macy’s Men’s Suit Dept. They felt sure he was a Jewish believer.  In talking to him they mentioned they had a Jewish friend (me) who was searching, although she didn’t know she was searching.  He gave them Marty’s home phone number up here in NY.  I actually got up the nerve to call Marty.  I guess they were right, I was searching.  He told me I was mispoacha and so reassuring to this nervous woman. It took some time but I eventually made it to the top steps of Beth Yeshua, but quietly and unnoticed went home.  In subsequent visits I made it further and further down the steps of Beth Yeshua.  Finally I actually made it into the Sanctuary.  There I learned from Marty, that Yeshua was the Messiah and the Son of God.   And finally in 1993 at the Beth Yeshua Hanukkah party I publicly received Jesus into my heart. From Marty, I continued to learn more about our Messiah.  I learned how Jewish a God He is and I actually began to love my Jewish heritage and my Jewish people.  “Dear brothers and Sisters,  the longing of my heart and prayer to God is for the people of Israel to be saved” (Romans 10:1).

I owe so much to Marty, my brother in the Lord, and to our God, who brought him into my life.

In loving memory,

 About 30 years ago, as a young single man & recently born-again believer in my early 20s, I ventured out one evening with a few of my fellow single brothers in Christ to find some Christian singles gathering that we had heard was taking place in eastern Suffolk County, Long Island. Providentially, we got lost, & wound up at a little church building in West Sayville with a parking lot filled with cars. Could this be the singles event we were looking for? No, but it was an event where God wanted me to be. It turns out that this was a “Shavuot” celebration, a Jewish festival that was being observed by a group of Jewish & Gentile believers in Christ called “Beth Yeshua” (“House of Jesus” & “House of Salvation” in Hebrew). The man leading that celebration was Marty Fromm.

I heard the fascinating testimony of this dear man, who was raised in a Jewish home in an extremely Anti-Semitic neighborhood in the Bronx, NY, during the 1950’s. Marty grew up hating Jesus Christ and Christians (at least the false conceptions he had of both due to the cruelty against Jews he experienced from Gentiles in the neighborhood of his youth), but eventually, miraculously, embraced Jesus Christ, “Yeshua Ha’Mashiach”, as his Messiah, in adulthood, after a number of visits to a Christian Bible study his wife had been attending, led by a Jewish woman named Clara Rubin, who was a born-again believer (who had been led to Christ many years earlier at age 14 through the agency of Chosen People Ministries). Marty would sit patiently week after week in an adjoining room in Clara’s home, waiting for the Bible study to be over so he could take his wife home, but he never imagined that his eavesdropping into what Clara taught at this study would radically change his life forever. He angrily confronted Clara several times, challenging her to prove to him from his cherished & sacred Jewish Scriptures that Jesus Christ was indeed the promised Messiah. By the power of the Holy Spirit, God in His sovereignty, mercy & grace, used that dear, zealous Jewish woman to do that very thing. Eventually Marty rose up to be an evangelist himself & started Beth Yeshua ministries on Long Island, which had a Suffolk County location led by Richard Saxon (a Gentile believer) & a Nassau County location led by Marty. God would use both of these precious men to lead many to Christ over the following decades, Jews & Gentiles alike.

I am so grateful to my Sovereign God that I got “lost” that night (by His design) & wound up making two friends, Marty Fromm & Richie Saxon, who would both become closely attached to me for all the years subsequent to “accidentally” meeting them 3 decades ago. I had known that Marty was ill for a number of years but he was a very private man when it came to his own suffering, & therefore I knew very little of the seriousness of his health related trials. Then, a couple of months ago I leaned Marty had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, & then quickly came to know that his prognosis was not good. When I got word tonight from Marty’s dear friend & co-laborer Ron that Marty had entered into eternity, my emotions were obviously mixed. I wish I had the opportunity to say goodbye to my dear friend while he was still on this earth, but I know undoubtedly I will be able to say hello to him again one day on the other side of Heaven.

As much as those who grieve over his loss may wish he was still with us, I know without question that Marty is exactly where he wants to be, & in spite of his love for us, he would never for a second want to leave where he is right now even if to just briefly enjoy our company here. There will be an eternity for that, now waiting in Glory for us fellow believers in Christ, when we get to that great reunion party at the Marriage Feast of the Lamb!!

In His grip,


I first met Marty more than 20 years ago when he was teaching a Bible Study on Wednesday night.  From the first moment I heard him teach, I knew that he was a “gem, with a brilliant mind”.  I continued to follow his ministry over the years, and  attended his services on a Sunday morning when they rented an old abandoned bar on Jericho Turnpike in New Hyde Park.    It certainly had a “rough veneer” in appearances, but that did not deter Marty from him teaching as if we were in the largest, most beautiful Church in the World.   I recall when Joanna and I left the services, we would talk about the fact that we felt  the level of teaching was as if we attended a Master’s Program on Theology in Seminary.

During that time, he was there for me spiritually, and emotionally while I walked through the illness and divorce with Steve.  So many times, he always spoke to me about doing the right thing–always.  His words of wisdom has continued to resinnate  inside of me through the years.  His keen sense of humor, and sometimes sharp scarcasm always kept me laughing.

One of the highlights which I cannot forget is when he took the time to come to my house one Summer afternoon, and baptize a friend of mine in my Jacuzzi.  It was something that my friend will not forget, who has already gone to be with the LORD.  He is one of many who have proceeded him into glory, whom has has blessed in his ministry.

His knowledge of scripture has helped me develop my own teaching styles, and I continue to quote Marty’s thoughts when there are theological questions brought up in my study group .I will continue to be grateful for Marty’s life, his faithful testimony, and a legacy which very few men can leave when they pass though this life into the loving arms of the LORD.


I know Martin is very happy with Jesus now.  To  God is the glory.  May God continue to bless you and Beth Yeshua.

A Radio Listener


I met Marty Fromm at “Samantha’s Lil’ Bit Of Heaven” in March of 2004. Marty was teaching about Jesus in the Passover. I, being a non-believer at that time, told Marty he was “nuts”, that Jesus has nothing to do with the Passover. My wife, who is a gentile believer, suggested that I buy Marty’s book, “For Unto Us a Son is Given” and give it away to a Jewish friend. I didn’t give Marty’s book away. Instead, in April of 2004, I started reading his book. I was comparing the Messianic prophecies from Marty’s book with the Tanak from the Jewish Publication Society. The scripture was identical.  The “scales” fell from my eyes, when I came to the realization that Yeshua HaMaschiach(Jesus Christ) is the “Messiah of Israel”, “King Of The Jews”. Marty’s book points out Old Covenant scripture which proves the who,what,where,when,why and how of Messiah’s first coming 2000 years ago. By May of 2004, when I turned 43 years old, I was a believer in the Messiah Yeshua and saved by his shed blood on the tree of sacrifice.

As a congregant of Beth Yeshua NY, I learned so much from Marty’s teachings. He will be missed.

Brachot B’Yeshua,


Although I only attended Beth Yeshua in Plainview for a little over a year, I was blessed to have sat under Marty’s teaching and, after returning to California, to have been able to call him with my Bible questions and receive his insightful replies.

His gain (to be with the Father and all the saints) is our mutually shared loss.



Just as the Messiah opened his heart to the gentile people, grafting our branches in The True Tree; Martin Fromm did the same as Congregation Leader of Beth Yeshua.  One God, One People, One Faith.

A Radio Listener from Nutley NJ


Dear Mishpocheh,

Our names are Pat & Bob Saxon; we are now living in Greenville South Carolina.  We lived in Medford Long Island for 27 years, before relocating to Greenville S.C.  This testimony is about our dear Brother, Friend, and Mentor Marty Fromm.

My wife and I became believers in 1973 in Holtsville N.Y.   My brother and his wife were having a Bible Study in their home which was being conducted under the auspices of the American Board of Missions to the Jews.  The study was taught by the Rev. Bill Ennis.  Clara & Joe Rubin who ran the American Board’s  – Huntington Station Mission also attended and taught us Jewish Evangelism.  It was a wonderful and memorable time of fellowship and study.  Clara and Joe had a weekly Friday night study at their home and that is where we met our dear Moshe Fromm.  Marty taught the scripture from a Jewish Perspective and we devoured his teaching.  As the Lord would have it Marty began to teach every week at my Brother Rich’s house in Holtsville.  All of us were on fire for evangelism and reaching out to both Jew and Gentile with the Gospel.  That small study eventually grew into two fellowships called Beth Yeshua  Patchogue and Beth Yeshua Mineola.  Clara, Joe, and Marty introduced us to Ray & Lee Cohen who had started Beth Yeshua in Hollywood Beach Florida. As my wife and I look back on those early days and the foundation that Ray, Marty and Clara instilled in us, on the Jewish Perspective of the Scripture we are eternally grateful for the sound doctrinal foundation that was taught.  We are especially grateful for the love of Gods People Israel that was sown in our hearts in those early days.  Marty never wanted to be called Reverend or Pastor or Rabbi – he always referred to himself as a teacher.  My Brother and I joked with Moshe and we said “Marty everyone has a title – so we will call you the Duke of Bayside. “  We know that Marty received a rich welcome into the kingdom and we also know that Ray, Clara, and Joe lovingly greeted Marty as he entered.  Marty will always be in our hearts.  We share your loss but we rejoice knowing all who believe in our dear Lord, Messiah, and Savior Jesus will be with him soon.  My wife and I pray for your Congregation.  We pray that you stand fast and continue in the Word as you wait for the coming of our God and King.  Our hearts and prayers are continually with Judy, Mark and family during this time of going forward.

Shalom in Messiah,

Bob & Pat

I’ve been a close friend of Marty for a long time.  We worked together for many years.  I respected him.  I admired him.  He was a godly man.  Yes, but he was more.  He was God’s man in this area.

Marty grew up in the Bronx.  As an orthodox Jewish boy, he was beat up regularly by Gentile Christian boys.  So he hated Jesus and Christianity. God saw to it that through Judy’s sister and Judy he met Clara Rubin and Ray Cohen.  And got saved.

He had to overcome intellectual problems as well as emotional problems.  But he was concerned with finding the truth. If we seek God with all our heart, we will find Him.  Marty found God through the Messiah Jesus.  The same Jesus whom he once hated is the Jesus whom he served faithfully for the rest of his life.


After quite a bit of Bible study, Marty the orthodox Jew became Marty the Evangelist.  He delighted in debating with anyone he met about getting right with God and the way to salvation.  He was bold in his determination to spread the gospel, the good news of salvation, to one and all.

Most of the men that Marty worked with were orthodox Jews or rabbis.  He made it a point to witness to every single one. He was well equipped for that job since he was fluent in Hebrew and had a firm knowledge of the Talmud.  So he could meet them as equals on their own home ground.


Marty was dedicated to discipling believers and bringing them into a closer relationship with God.  Marty took pains to show us the Jewish foundations of Christianity.  Gentiles had been grafted into the Jewish olive tree, and were exactly equal with Jews, but the root structure of the olive tree was Jewish.  Marty taught at least 3 classes each week.


Marty was well versed in Jewish history.  He was familiar with the writings and opinions of such brilliant Jewish scholars as Ben Zacchai, Akiba, Rashi, and Maimonides.  He would illustrate a point by referring to one or more of these spiritual leaders.


For some 40 years, Marty was the leader of Beth Yeshua, a Messianic Congregation that followed God’s prescription in Ephesians 2 & 3.  God defined his church as a body where Jesus is the head and Jews and Gentiles are exactly equal.  Marty’s congregation went from one location to another, but always with the same message.  Both Jews and Gentiles received salvation in the same way:  By believing that Jesus the Messiah paid the death penalty for all of us, and died for our sins.


There are missionaries who go to foreign fields, and there are home missionaries who share the gospel here in America.  Marty’s mission field was Jones Beach.  He went there once a week, weather permitting, with Tony and Genaro.  Steve also went, before he moved to California.  This team was bold in presenting the gospel to one and all.  They gave out tracts and got into discussions.  Occasionally, Marty would be the target for choice verbal abuse.  But they kept witnessing just the same.


Marty enjoyed getting involved with people.  He would patiently listen to their problems, and provided guidance.  But he adhered to strict standards for performance, with little patience for compromising in any way.  In that respect, he served as an outstanding example in his total sincerity and his upright way of life.


There was no gap between what Marty said and what he did.  There was no double standard.  What you saw was who he was.  Marty was dedicated to following the truth, being faithful to the Word of God.  He was loyal, trustworthy, sincere, and dependable.  Judy, you can be proud of your husband.  He was a giant among men.


The last time I saw Marty was at Hospice Inn, just before he died.  Gelo and Peachy were already in the room.  Marty was asleep.  Peachy told me that there were several angels in the room, waiting to escort Marty to heaven.  We whispered in Marty’s ear, and told him that we loved him.  He died just a little later.  I know that God told him “Well Done, my good and faithful servant”.


A Tribute to Martin Fromm

A man died today. Not just any man. He was a man of God. A man who dedicated his life to witness to our unsaved Jewish brothers and sisters and unsaved gentiles as well. A man who rightly divided the Word of the Lord and preached it and taught it in many venues. A man who was faithful to his calling and honored God in everything he did. A man who led a congregation in love and total dedication. A man who loved his family and brought his son up in fear and admonition of the Lord. A man who honored his wife every day. A man called grandpa by two adorable grandchildren who he loved with all his heart.  A man who visited the sick and dying in hospitals, and in homes to bring the Word of God to them and comforted them all by his ministering to their needs. A man who built up the body of Messiah always.  A man who gave of himself to us all. A man who made a difference in so many lives. A man who never compromised the Word of God and fed us all the pure meat of the Word.  A man gifted in nurturing the body and an awesome witness of God’s love, mercy, grace in a world who has no spiritual awareness. A man who I looked upon as a father because I never had a relationship my own. A man who was my perfect role model in whom I endeavor to emulate. A man I will always remember and love every day of my life.  A man who upon closing his eyes for the very last time here on earth was immediately greeted by the Lord of Glory stating to Marty Fromm, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”


I am one who likes schedules and Marty Fromm was a scheduled man!  On Mondays he stood on the boardwalk at Jones Beach handing out tracts.  On Tuesday evenings he held bible study in someone’s home.  On Wednesday he always visited his friend Howie Galler and then went out to lunch together.  On Wednesday evening he conducted bible study at Beth Yeshua.  On Thursdays he visited his grandchildren.  On Friday he held bible study at someone’s home.  On Saturday he had dinner out with his wife.  And on Sunday he lead services at Beth Yeshua.  I admired him for that, I loved him and look forward to seeing him in heaven.


I can speak for everyone who knew him, that he rightly divided the Word of Truth. We will surely miss him.

In Jesus, Yeshua