An Open Letter

Some time, perhaps very soon, an event will take place that will seem to have no explanation! It will shock the world! During this event, in a split second, millions of people will just vanish from the face of the earth. In an instant, they will be gone. This event is called the “rapture” or “translation” of the church.

Those who are gone were the true Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua). Many of your friends, some from your church, political leaders, celebrities, and others will just be gone! Many of those left claimed to be Christians, but in their hearts, they were not. They believed in a false secular religion or nothing at all!

Many explanations will be given for their disappearance, but the truth is, they have been taken to forever be with the Lord. To “meet him in the air” as the Bible foretold. Get yourself a Bible and read 1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18 and other places to learn about what has happened.

The next 7 years will be Hell on earth, with a One-World Leader, and false religious system. Do not become part of them. Believe in the Lord Jesus and be saved. They will persecute and kill you but hold fast to your new faith. Do not accept a mark or implant that will allow you to buy or sell. This is the “Mark of the Beast”. It is better to starve than endure what is coming for those who do accept the mark.

After 7 years, during which there will be great wars, environmental events, pestilence, and persecution, the Lord Jesus will physically come again to earth to establish his 1000 year kingdom on earth. I an those who were taken, with be coming with him.

I pray that you find faith and that I will see you again in Heaven. This is not joke. This is the most serious plea I can make to you, to find the Lord now, before this happens, while there is still time.