Last Days Message

As we read the daily newspapers and view national news programs,  it becomes apparent that we are living in troubling times.  There is unrest and division both nationally and globally.

On the local scene,  political division is at a peak as it has been nowhere in the past.  There is no middle ground between the Left and the Right.  Our morals and human rights have sunk to a new low.  Society now says that abortion,   homosexual rights, and same-sex marriage are good and right,  while the Bible calls them an abomination.  The Left is focused at taking down the President and refuses to meet him in the middle on any issue.  In spite of the great economy,  I believe that America and the world will suffer an economic collapse in these Last Day’s,  setting the stage for a one-world government and financial system as pictured in scripture.

On the spiritual scene,  so many Pastors and churches are now preaching and believing apostasy and heresy,  accepting homosexuality and abortion,  and rejecting clear biblical teaching.  This makes the words of scripture come alive when we read,  “The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons”  1 Timothy 4:1

On the international front,  all the nations of the world are turning against Israel,  as scripture says they would.  Once solid,  evangelical preachers are now embracing teachings of Islam and Catholicism,  and rejecting scripture, while paving the way for a one-world religious system in these End Times.

While all of this seems frightening,  Christians look forward to seeing God’s plan unfold before our very eyes.  The Bible is true and accurate!  Infallible!  Nothing is left that needs to happen before the next great event in prophetic history.  The moment when Believers will hear the sound of the trumpet of God calling us home.  THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH!  When we will be transformed from mortal to immortal.  When we will meet the dead from the past in the air,  to meet the Lord of Glory, and forever be with Him.  Death has lost its sting!

At that point,  all Hell will break loose on Earth.  All the rest of God’s Endtime agenda will come to pass.  But,  we will not be here to see it.  We will witness it all from Heaven,  and at the end,  come back with the Lord to reign here on Earth.

Brethren,  do not be dismayed or frightened.  God will “snatch us away” before the suffering begins,  and I believe that time is coming very shortly!  Keep your eyes on Him,  pray and be ready to be about the Fathers business while time remains!

Pastor Ron


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